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Gaia New Energy Attends Construction Of Syria After Wars, Signed Agreement With The Third Biggest Company Of Syria


October 13, 2019, the agent of biggest Smart Mobile and TV manufactuer of Syria visit factory to discuss the electric car business. They are the third biggest group in Syria and want to find some new projections to contrust Syria after wars. 

After trial driving of cars, the agent showed their satisfication with the quality and signed stragetic agreement with Gaia New Energy. After they return Syria and forward the reports to the board, they will start their first order on electric cars.

Gaia New Energy is the first company who really passed Europe V standard EEC certification of L7e-CP with middle speed and four seaters cars. Now, Gaia New Energy already has exclusive agent in United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Nigeria, and Ghana, and have exported to more than 60 countries. All the clients give good feedback for Gaia electric cars and solar cars.

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    new energy vehicles

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