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From setup, Gaia Solar engaged in changing steadily deteriorating environment, and invested huge capitals on researching one kind of clean and sustainable energy. With the noble mission, Gaia Solar has become a famous brand in concentrated solar power industry. 

Gaia researched on solar receiver tube technology more than ten years ago, and as a strategic partner of CASC, Gaia Solar promoted high quality and traceable solar receiver tube RT-4060. Gaia Solar also successfully researched out parabolic trough solar collectors PT-5760 and PT-2O, which can be used for solar thermal plant and steam generation. 

At the year of 2017, Gaia Solar successfully cooperated with Shandong MKR, which is professional on cutting machine, and Shandong Huaye, which is professional on metal technology, formed Shandong Gaia New Energy Tech. Co., Ltd. Gaia Group has involved in metal technology, metal procession and solar products. Combined power of three companies, Gaia Group promoted solar cars in 2017.  Solar Cars added solar power as assistant energy to Electric Vehicles and act as an upgraded product on EV. 

Cheapest EV
Define industry standards with aggressive innovation and strength

At middle of 2017, Gaia Group set up its own factory at Dezhou, which is the largest production basement of EV in China. Dezhou city has complete industry chain for EV and has splendid human resources on EV. Solar car factory of Gaia Group got rapidlly develop and now, we have 135 staffs for EV production. We invest huge funds on research, and promote at least two new style cars to market every year. 

Now, Gaia Group has promoted series electric cars & solar cars, including G-Smart Series, which is economic four sets with super low price of lower than $2000, and G-LR and G-Benz Series, which have very modern style (High Face Value) and ultra large space, and G-Li Series, which use Li battery and hybrid technology and can realize super long range of 500km, and G-Homes, which has modern style, low price and become the best choice of family touring, and other kinds of series cars and tricycles.   

Now, our product has exported to more than 60 countries, and got very good business reputations. In 2019, Gaia New Energy got Europe EEC certification for electric car, L7e-CP, and  setup its own or cooperated branch company in Spain, Mexico, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Middle-East Asia, East Africa, South Africa and Hong Kong.

Gaia is aimed to be a splendid solar cars company in the world.

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